Brochure App

At this time Bidvest foodservice were going through a transitional stage of going both print and digital,
There was always going to be a limited number of printed copies of brochures or magazine at any point , Bidvest needed to get their materialS to as many customers as possible without having to print more copies of the materialS.

Whilst I was working here, I worked on a new app for the companies Brochures and Magazines, which included a monthly magazine call ‘Market Place”, a two monthly magazine called “New 4 you”, a yearly catalogue for foods and non food as well as many other brochures and magazines on topics such as Tea, Gluten free, Coffee, Packaging, Schools, hotels, care homes, herbs and spices, breakfasts etc

The Brief was to design an App that fits into the branding of the company but also has a fresh feel to its design, allowing customers to navigate around the app with ease picking out from the thousands of materials available.

My goal was to section the the material into categories, whilst having the latest brochure or magazine at the to, this approach thereby allows the navigator to work their was around the interface with ease, whilst also being able to save a favourite brochure or even go one step further to download the brochure to their mobile allowing them to have to thier own copy of the printed brochure.

This also solved the Initial problem allowing the company to reach more customers

ClientBidvest Foodservice
SkillsApp design, UX, UI


1. These section introduces the app
2. There a a full list of all recent materials with the most recent
coming first
3. The category drop down menu to view the material in their categories


3. The category drop down menu to view the material in their categories, this will section all the material together for example if the user clicked on “New 4 you” which a two monthly magazine, it will allow the user to see all the magazine from the most recent issue to the previous issues of New 4 you

The Price Lists also divided into two categories which include the “Foods” and the “Non foods”


this sections shows the categories in their group as explained in the above visuals, Here we have from left to right “Market place” “Brochure”
“New 4 you” all grouped seprately


the App also allows the user to download or favourite any material of their choice, this can be done either by “press and hold” and can also be done after taping on a material to read through, the material tapped on will appear on its own and can be read directly from the app


Finally, the downloaded and favourited materials are also grouped into section for the user to be able to access at a later time