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I sat down with Tolu, and the brief handed to me is to create a brand identity for a new food delivery company to be launched in Nigeria, we talked about the ideas over breakfast on a Saturday morning with clear heads and minds towards the direction of the branding, I took time out to ask Tolu about his goal, values and the vision of the brand, also i got to know his initial ideas, we went trough brainstorming and I was able to advice

I was given creative freedom over the brand aesthetic, and I focused on solving problems whilst creating a delightful brand identity, in order to stand out from the brands already in Nigeria, the goal was to create a branding that emulates the act. I designed the logo based on this with food components such as plates, knife, forks and spoon composing these to form a motorcycle in delivery (this was also my client preferred choice from a number of options) we created variations from this logo from my clients request, the other questions we had to answer was creating a visual identity that stands out in an already vibrant city like Lagos, so we worked on colours that compliment the vibrant nature of Lagos, we used a gradient to structure the identity, staying in control of the design we created an idea of a vibrant eye catchy and strong brand identity for DINE, The Client was pleased with the overall outcome

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